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Meeting Announcement: 

The next Lanesborough Fire and Water District Meeting is Friday, May 24th, 2024 at 10 AM at the Water District Office 20 Bridge Street in Lanesborough.

Please see the Meeting Agenda here.

The public is invited to attend. 

Payment Reminder: 


Lanesborough Village Fire and Water District (LVFWD) is an independent legal entity located in the

Town of Lanesborough, Massachusetts.

LVFWD is responsible for maintenance of Lanesborough's water and fire systems, including collection of payment for water usage, oversight of construction projects and upkeep of fire hydrants. 

Watch the Environmental Protection Agency's 

Public Service Announcement about

clean water infrastructure here

Please see Lanesborough Fire and Water District's Reports below:  

Read the 2022 Complete Annual Report including  Commissioner’s Report

Read the 2022 Consumer Confidence Report

Water Rate Codes

Your Lanesborough Village Fire and Water District Bill will have a letter and number code printed on it. These codes identify the type of unit/ property, and the number of units. 


The letter codes are as follows:

water codes.png
Rate Schedule

EDU (Equivalent Dwelling Unit) Rate: $928.00 annual amount/ $232.00 billed quarterly

Metered Water Rate: $0.0934 per cubic foot

Tanker Fill Rate: $1.25 per 100 gallons


*Collections will be in accordance with LFWD Collections Policy

Returned Check Charge:                             $25.00

Turn on After Shut-Off for Delinquency:     $200.00


Demand Fee:                                                $30.00

Privilege Fee:                                   (amount varies)

In an area of the District where a water line extension resulted in the assessment of a betterment, any new service lines shall be charged the initial assessment amount during the period the betterment apportionment covers. Any privilege fee charged shall be divided by the total number of assessments and apportionment years still outstanding in that area where the betterment was applied, and that fraction shall then be applied annually as a credit to all those assessed properties until such time as the betterment has been paid in full. 

Connection Fee varies according to size of connection


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