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Abatement and/ or Water Bill Adjustment 

Please click the link below and fill out the form to request abatement or water a bill adjustment.

Completed forms can me mailed to:

Lanesborough Village Fire and Water District

20 Bridge Street/ PO Box 1504

Lanesborough, MA 01237



Customers who file abatement applications or requests for adjustments are required to have paid all uncontested prior bills (including penalties and interest, if applicable), and also make a payment on contested bill equal to prior billed amount. The request for an abatement or adjustment must be received in the District Office within 30 days of the date of the bill in dispute. 

If the required payment is not made before or at the time the application is submitted, interest will accrue on any amount due over 30 days old, whether it is contested or not.

Application for Abatement or Water Bill Adjustment Form

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